Judge Khalil is an animated series is a coming-of-age story about a 12- year- old boy who, with the encouragement from his family, friends, and teacher, Mr. Pride, has big dreams of becoming a judge. The series focuses on Khalil, who is a responsible student, respectful son, and encouraging big brother. He comes from a loving two-parent household. And when Khalil has down time, he assists his dad at the family restaurant, helps out at his uncle’s barbershop and studies cases.

The show will follow Khalil as he navigates middle school, excels in high school, and prepares for college, in confidence of becoming a judge.While the new series will bring positive images to young people of color, Judge Khalil will also chart new territory, Judge Khalil and the rest of the characters will find themselves in new journeys that mirror todays issues including identity, racism, classism, and the strength to follow one’s dreams.