God Brought Us Together

For two years, Yannick and Danielle have been awarded the pleasure of being the first person that each other sees in the morning, and the last person they see when ending a day. They have been there to hold each other accountable, love and nourish each other through life, and support each other through the ups and downs. From reading their story, you can see that there are no fairy tale wands needed . . . and hold the pixie dust please.

Yannick popped the big question while the couple was vacationing in Aruba, a few weeks after Danielle graduated from Bennett College. These two are now expecting their first child together.

Throughout the first two years, their marriage has blossomed. “We have grown in our willingness to compromise in order to make one another completely comfortable and happy. We have made prayer an important part of our marriage because we know that God is the reason for our union in the first place, and our marriage depends on our relationship with Him.”

Yannick and Danielle have taken on the journey of encouraging each other through prayer and keeping Christ at the center, where he belongs.

“We pray with one another mostly daily, we make sure that we are both tithing and reading the word. We pray about everything. Most importantly, we make an effort to show love to one another the way Christ would have us to.”

Yannick and Danielle understand that they're going to experience ups and downs throughout their marriage. The couple believes some of the best relationships and marriages have been tested and tried, but standing those tests is what makes them stronger. Their advice is during conflicts, don’t break, crumble, or make your partner feel less. Instead, stand strong and show love to your partner even harder. Yannick and Danielle have done just that.

“We don’t wait to address when we are upset, we address it as soon as possible so bitterness and resentment doesn’t set in. We have committed to not cursing or yelling at one another. Before we got married, we made a promise that we’d never leave the house while we are angry with one another and we would never go to sleep mad at each other. No disagreement is worth hanging on to.”

The recipe to this marriage is not complete without fun and gratitude.

“We are both straight forward people. We communicate our love and appreciation for one another by putting one another first, spending quality time with one another, giving massages when one is sore from a long work week, praying for one another, cuddling, cooking, and picking up the slack where one lacks."

Yannick and Danielle remind us that their marriage is based on faith and work is required to continue to grow.

“An area of our marriage that will benefit from more development is enhancing our prayer life, as we realize that we have never arrived in Christ and there is always a deeper level of connection with Him.”

Yannick and Danielle seem to be on the right path to having a happy and healthy marriage. When asked to Danielle if marriage is everything she expected she answered:

“YES!! It sure is! We pray that all of our friends are able to experience the love and freedom that comes in a marriage God has ordained for them.”

Whether it is their communication, the way they choose to handle conflict, or their ability to express their appreciation for one another, they have shown that their love is what is most important. Putting their pride aside, and sharing immediately with one another when they feel hurt is the best way they know how to demonstrate their love for one another.

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