Let Women Be Women

The idea that women sit around all day and chit-chat about men is actually none of your business. Sorry to say, but for some reason, contrary to belief, society has come up with the idea that what women do is subject to scrutiny.

But I have to come to a conclusion, it is the sexual aspect of talking about men that makes people uncomfortable. But my question is, why is that? What about a woman expressing her sexuality troubles others?

How dare beautiful, smart, educated, and goal-oriented women talk about their boyfriends, husbands, or one-night stands. It’s almost as if a woman who works hard, earns her own money, supports herself and family can’t be free in the one part of life that is nobody’s business.

The real research of this think piece, stemmed from when a friend sent me an article from Chimananda Ngozi Adichie’s stance on why she doesn’t agree with Beyoncé’s feminism. After reading it, I became not only irritated but mind-boggled on why we put the actions of women under a microscope.

“Put a group of women together and the conversation will eventually be about men.”

This is just one of the most ludicrous pieces of the article that I took away but so what if this is true. So what if women want to talk about their sexual advances and adventures with their friends. Does that make them any less of a good mother, daughter, teacher, business woman, or friend? Or better yet, the more testing question is why is this such a factor that effects the next person to the degree of bashing someone else’s stance on an ideology.

Today, the idea of social media and everyone having a voice has made people believe that people care what others have to say when they really don’t.

Nobody cares about your Twitter rants, excessive Instagram posts, or breaks from Snapchat because you “just can’t even.”

As a woman and contributing factor to this world, I just want to say, “Shut up, please.” I am tired of the same conversations that not only can’t women talk about men but if we are together, then the subject is automatically about them. Sorry, but that is not the way it works.

What type of sense does it make that in one breath, you say women shouldn’t but also always talk about men. It just doesn’t make sense.

Let women be women. Whether it’s Beyoncé belting out her Lemonade lyrics or a group of friends talking about which one of them got laid. Feminism or the idea of feminism, shouldn’t be based on which type of women can talk, need, or love, men less. After all that does dismember the entire ideology anyway.

Women are the most complex creatures on this earth.

How many R&B love songs praise women for being beautiful, smart, funny, sexy, nurturing, caring, and ambitious. How many lyrics coming from men that they either love, lost, or are fighting for their ladies. Just listen to Confessions by Usher, and then holla at me. Cause women talking about men is just taking it too far.

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