Introduced to Fatherhood as a 20-year-old College Student

At times, we all become consumed with something. Whether it be staying healthy, building our wealth, creating an empire, or staying well versed with the next best thing. Joseph V. Moore Jr. allows himself to be consumed with positive energy and hope in which he can instill in others how to push themselves to be better than they are right now. “When I do that, it helps me better who I am because I have given that energy to them.”

Even when his life took a drastic change for the better, Moore found the beauty in it all.

This 26-year-old from Paterson, New Jersey is wrapped warm in the sweater of music, education, philanthropy, photography, being an artist, an influencer, and best of all, a dad. Joseph Moore attended Delaware State University and graduated from William Paterson University in 2015. Although known for many things whether it be giving, or influencing others, Joseph has taken a strong passion in photo journalism. His inspiration for this amazing works is inspiring to all those attempting to find their way.

“I first wanted to be a sports agent because I was pretty decent in basketball, but already saw that my ultimate goal wasn't to go to the NBA. I changed to Broadcast Journalism after I transferred from Delaware State University. I then got inspired by Arsenio Hall and wanted to get into hosting my own show which I did for a brief period of time called " The Joe V Show " which turned out pretty good.”

After a couple of dynamic and successful episodes, Joseph Moore began to invest himself into music and photography with a used camera he purchased for $300.00. Though his switch from broadcast journalism to photo journalism wasn’t drastic, it was however an observable transition that required skill and technique to advance his paths.

During today’s times of hope, tragedy, advancement, and complacency, one can find a populous definition of subject matters. I can only imagine how difficult it may be for an artist to truly narrow down what’s important to shoot, what their favorite subjects are, or how to remained focused when their lives become the art they shoot.

At the age of 20-years-old, Joseph received news that would change his life and the lives of those around him forever. Finding out he would soon have a child shocked him in ways some can’t imagine. Having a child was not planned for him, nor was it under the circumstances in which someone would hope.

“My first thoughts when I found out I was having a child was man, what am I going to tell my mother? I was super nervous, and I felt like I failed my family by having a child so young and with someone I wasn’t even with or loved. We have this cycle where it is irresponsible.”

It was easy to allow regret fill his mind, but above all things, Joseph has expressed that he couldn’t be more thankful for his son. At first sight, all you can desire is the best for our children. The desire to protect them yet allow them to experience enough that will make them strong, but not too much to harm them.

“Raising a black son in a white America is a scary thing, BUT the man that I am, I know I will give my son the tools that he needs to gather his own belief in what he can do to help change the world his way. I focus on making him an individual and not a follower. He is already outspoken and opinionated about how he feels and that’s how we have raised him to be. It’s tough to be expressive without people telling you that you are crazy or a weirdo.”

Like most men, there is nothing but joy when you find out you’re having a baby boy. Although there is joy and happiness that comes from having a child, by no means is it easy, magical, a fairytale, or a walk in the park. There are fears, sleepless nights, moments of insecurity, and pain.

“My biggest fear of having a black son in this world is that he will feel unworthy of being great even if he worked himself raged to become the best human he can be & also how the system that's built to not have us be great! That's my fear for him & myself.”

Joseph draws strength from wanting the best for others, and anything he wants he pursues with passion. Fatherhood has quickly become one of those things to pursue.

“My son drives me to keep going in ALL THAT I DO. Even if it’s trying to wake up from an event the night before just to do it all again. I am a man who does many things that help the community and I know for sure that with the thought of my son knowing I am leaving behind a legacy keeps me driven.”

Aside from being a mega millennial dad and activist through art, you can often find Joseph Moore living in harmony in a world of 90’s R&B music, and investing in what he wants people to remember him by the most. . .his brand, SiR.Moore

“To young student dads, keeps your children in mind whenever you’re doing your thing. All you do and don’t do reflects them. I want people to say I was here to help as much as I could. I was always helping others! My son is an extension of that”

Be sure to tune into the many endeavors of Joseph Moore/ SiR.Moore.




Co Founder & Creative Care Director for Care More

Co Founder Of The Black Lives Matter

Movement of Paterson, New Jersey


Photos are from Google.

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