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Mr. New Era of Accountability, Ronell Miller

January 6, 2017


My name is Ronell Miller and I want to be the person that brings a new Era of accountability. Too many people are getting away with fraudulent stuff and quite frankly they should be held accountable for their actions. People have been thinking of innovative ways which tackle accountability issues rather it be people asking for criminal justice reform such as Black Lives Matter or even the Democrats in the House of Representatives this past summer sitting in on a session to bring about policy change in terms of the easy access to guns in America which lead to a lot of our shootings across America. Also one of my favorites this past year Bernie Sanders bold campaign which aimed at tackling our corrupt capitalistic system where he mainly went after the big names on Wall Street which tend to scare a lot of people but he was bold enough to speak truth to power. He wanted everyone to have a fair and equal chance at obtaining their American Dream rather it be economically or socially. These are all issues that lack accountability in various areas but it shows us that we must grow for our nation and the planet. You see these are stories that inspired me and gave me strength to stand for what I believed in over the past year when times were rough.


I have currently created the first crowdfunding business that tackles fraudulent activity a lot of people have complained over the years and even sued others over people taking funds for their own personal gain. Sponsor4Change corrects this issue because we will actually protect donor’s donations by buying the actual products or services that they need to fulfill their campaign goals. We are also helping small and big nonprofits along the way that want to change the world by providing them with excess funds from campaign. This will not only change the world but it will help small nonprofits grow and scale their organizations as Sponsor4Change grows. Sponsor4Change also charges a lower percentage of 3 percent which is smaller than larger crowdfunding platforms. Basically when you raise funds with us you're able to collect more money from your donations!


This new business model was created in Paris when I was studying abroad last summer but it was

 definitely cultivated at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. I funded a lot of this from my own RA checks yes Resident Assistant checks it was tough and I was balancing my last year of school. The road wasn't easy but I definitely thought of those who were already fighting the good fight. Another thing a lot of people don't know is that the actual business website was created by a lovely creative webmaster couple in Ohio who love everything about Sponsor4Change. They have put in work day and night making sure the website was up to my standard. I have called them endless nights and it's crazy that we still have never met I feel like I've seen these guys yesterday. Their work is truly appreciated and as soon as Sponsor4Change takes off I'm taking a flight right along with it to Ohio though to thank them formally. Most importantly I'm bringing them on full time if they accept!


My mom has always taught me one thing if anything you never forget where you come from or the people who have helped you along the way. That sticks with me in everything that I do by no way have I got to where I am at 21 with no help. Going through life you begin to form a tribe as you walk your destiny and I can say that I have most definitely developed one which is still growing. Also I have another project that I have just released with a friend of mine Alannah Covington entitled Power in Numbers which will educate people around the nation on their local candidates that are running for Congress by matching faces to names as well as background on info on the candidates. A lot of people know who is running for president but few know the people who are representing them locally/nationally. That is a major problem in America that we hope to help fix. In the words of the great and honorable Alma Adams in order for us to change policy we must change policy makers! So in I want to be remembered when I leave this world as one of the people who stood against the issues we face in the world. Some of the people who are the biggest legends in the world ever weren't even remembered by their brilliance but simply for their bravery conclusion I would love to be a part of your 2I want to be remembered when I leave this world as one of the people who stood against the issues we face in the world. Some of the people who are the biggest legends in the world ever weren't even remembered by their brilliance but simply for their br

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