7 Signs You and Your Friend Are Friendship Goals

Maintaining friendships through college can be a bit of a challenge. And the older you get, the more complicated and hectic that life seems to become.Unlike in high school where everyone is corralled together in the same sweaty Hellhole for over seven hours a day, college enables you the freedom to create your own academic & personal schedule.

And between internships, classes, clubs, work, and other events that suck away free time, finding time to go to a movie or roam the mall becomes an endeavor that requires scheduling three weeks in advance.

Plans all of a sudden require...planning.

But somehow through it all, college is a place where, as well as finding yourself, finding out what constitutes as a friend and what separates a friend from a “best friend”. Friendship evolves from two people just enjoying the same things to two people endeavoring to make each other better people.

And here are the signs that prove whether or not you and your friend are officially Friendship Goals.

Sign #1: You’re Supportive of Each Other

Their victories also feel like your victories and vice versa. When you find yourself wanting them to succeed in life, that’s a good sign that you’ve someone who you truly care about.

Sign #2: They’re Not Afraid to Tell You the Truth

When you meet a person who’s not afraid to let you know when you’re acting a fool, don’t let them go. Get a friend that isn’t a afraid to let you know when your foundation doesn’t match your neck. A true friend tells it like it is.

Sign #3: You Probably Know Everything About Each Other

Their favorite color. Check. Their favorite food. Check. Their routine coffee order practically word for word. Check. Even the most random of childhood stories, you have memorized. There’s nary a secret between you two.

Sign #4: You’re Never Afraid To Stand Up For Them

If someone ever tries to come in between you and your best friend, you’re on them like white on rice. No one talks badly about your best friend unless they want a vicious tongue lashing and a sore upper lip.

Sign #5: They’ll Always Have Your Back

If you need anything from a tampon to insert or a shoulder to cry on, they’re always your knight in shining armor.

Sign #6: You Can Fart Around Each Other Without Fear of Judgement

It’s gross but true.

Sign #7: You Never Let Your Arguments Ruin The Friendship

Sure, you hate each other’s bad little habits. You hate when they put their shoes on the dashboard of your car. They hate how you always give away movie spoilers, no matter how hard you try not to. But through it all, you love each other warts and all.

Which of these goals do you and your best friend meet?

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