Zo the Motivator

Which elementary and high school did you attend?

For elementary I attended Maria Regina and for high school I went to both Verbum Dei High School and Compton High School.

What was your journey from Compton to Morehouse?

My journey from Compton to Morehouse was full of obstacles and blessings. I like to look at it as a story of tragedy to triumph.

During my senior of high school I knew Morehouse was where I wanted to go. I applied to Morehouse but did not get accepted which lead me to go to junior college for three years.

While in junior college I made sure I took the necessary classes that were required for me to be able to transfer to Morehouse. Although I could of given up on my dream to go to Morehouse I didn’t, instead I gave it another shot and applied to again. This time around I got accepted but the conflict came in when I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it. during my three year stay in junior college I was building my name on social media as

“Zo The Motivator” and got discovered by world renown mogul, actor, and singer Tyrese Gibson. It was then I met him and he offered to pay my way through Morehouse College. I am now at Morehouse College on a full scholarship studying Film and Television while still building my brand as Entertainer and Entrepreneur.

What inspired you to go to an all males school?

Since the beginning of high school I knew Morehouse was where I wanted to go. A few of my mentors were Morehouse men and they would speak so highly about their experience at Morehouse which lead me to become very curious. I then took a visit for myself my senior of high school and after the visit I knew for sure Morehouse was where I wanted to be.

How has your HBCU experience made an impact in your life?

The HBCU experience hasn’t really had an impact on me just yet. I guess I am still trying to get to that point but what I will say is that I enjoy meeting new people and learning more about my culture/past.

What lead you to become a motivational speaker?

I was inspired by Eric Thomas who is a motivational speaker. I would use what I was going through as to express the way I felt and others seen as motivation. What was once something therapeutic for me turned into an opportunity for me to help other which then lead me to speak publicly while motivating others.

What advice can you give the viewers about finding their purpose in life?

1. Have faith.

2. Believe in yourself and your abilities.

3. Don’t be afraid to try and don’t be afraid to fail.

4.Work hard towards what you talk about and dream about everyday and overnight.

5. Surround yourself around people and things that inspired you or are pushing you towards being a better you.

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