Stop Being Afraid To Say NO

The art of saying no is a beautiful thing that I seem to feel very uneasy committing to. I seem to always find myself in situations that I don't necessarily don't want to be in and I wouldn't be in them if I would've just said no from the jump. People love asking for favors that they know damn well they wouldn't return and I'm so fed up. LEAVE ME ALONE.

Learn how to say no without feeling bad about it.

If someone wants you to do something and you really don't want to do it, tell them no before you get yourself in something that could've been avoided.

When someone makes plans for YOUR off days/ weekend/ free-time .

When people ask for crazy favors.

Stop making yourself so accessible.

I'm challenging myself to stay true to myself. If I want to say no just say it and keep it pushing. Keep your non-returnable favors to yourself.

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