Entering Motherhood at 19-years-old

1. As a teen, what advice ca you give another teen mom? The advice that I can give to another teen mom is to hold on days are going to be tough but with prayer and support you can get through it.

2. What was you exact thoughts, reaction and feeling when you found out you were pregnant? I was scared I was young I just started doing clinicals for a LVN program and I just couldn't be pregnant.

3. Is it true that you have to put your life/ goals on hold? No necessarily, you can do whatever you put your mind to and a baby can motivate you to keep going. But if you don't not have the support it can.

4. Do you wish you would’ve waited? Yes I do wish I would have waited, done things differently, wish I were married but I'm thankful she is here.

5. How was your pregnancy? Morning sickness? What were your cravings? I had hypertensives which is worst than morning sickness, I was a high risk pregnancy.

6. How did you tell your parents? My mom actually told me that I was pregnant, I was afraid to tell my dad I've hid it for a long time until I was showing.

7. What was it like feeling your baby girl kick for the first ? It was crazy, I was over joyed I couldn't believe I had a baby inside of me another life

8. How was it hearing her heartbeat for the first time?

It was amazing and scary at the same time

9. When it was time to go into labor where you nervous? Anxious? What were you thinking? That's when reality had set in that it was real I was about to become someone's mother and there was no turning back. I was not terrified the whole pregnancy until it was time to push and I realize where she had to come from and then I went into panic mode.

10. What has motherhood taught you ?

Mother hood has taught me that it's not always going to be easy but don't ever give up. That it's not about me any longer and that I have to make sure that I have my ducks in a row and set a good example for the little one looking up to me and watching everything I do hoping to be me someday. You learn something new everyday and it really does take a village to raise a child, prayer and my faith in God has really helped me throughout this journey of raising a child. She encourages me to want more for her and myself and always reminds me I'm the best mommy she has ever had, as if she had another mom lol. She amazes me everyday, and I think back on how I wanted to give her up. I went through postpartum depression and it was the worst, somedays I still find myself in a depressed state, then somedays I am okay. But overall mother hood is an experience that I would definitely do again.

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