My life as a 23-year-old Wife-to-be, Mom and College student

1.       How did you meet your fiancé? My fiance and I met while I was in the army in 2013 Ft. Hood, Texas. Crazy enough we didn't meet at work or in the area, we met in Houston during all star weekend, my friends car got stolen at a club, and we knew a friend he was with. They came to rescue us and the rest is history. 2.       Dating in such a lustful and glamorize side chick world how did you two survive? Honestly we survive because we had a very solid friendship before anything else. It was so genuine like i never looked at him romantically. We talk about everything under the sun and are very comfortable with each other. 3.       When he proposed what were you thinking and feeling? What was your reaction? First of all I was drunk which makes me mad lol because I only remember him pouring his heart out, and me crying and showing everyone my ring. The next morning though I was so happy even though I was expecting it I just didn't know when. I couldn't believe it like this real. 4.       What was your reaction when you found out you were expecting? Many people don't know but I dealt with fertility issues. Our daughter was planned but even with that when I seen that "yes" on the test I didn't believe it, my heart dropped and I almost had a panic attack. I was home alone, and I didn't believe it I immediately went to the doctor. I was extremely happy because it was possible and I didn't have to go through any drastic measures to make it happen. I think his reaction made me even more happy because when I told him he ran outside with our dog around the yard ecstatic it was beautiful. 5.       What has motherhood taught you?

Motherhood has taught me how to be completely selfless. Like it came so natural and many ( like my mom and fiance) will say I am spoiled. But when it comes to her i literally forget about myself. I haven't been shopping in so long but her closet it stacked with diapers and clothes. I'm always thinking of her and her future. Its so cliche to say everything I do is for her but its real. Even with me being in school I refuse to let my GPA drop below a 3.0 because I look at her and I'm like nope she will know that her mother pushed it to the very end doing her very best. Its really the greatest feeling in the world. 6.       What made you go back to college? I went into the military solely to get college paid for. Going to Bennett opened my eyes to all the opportunities going to college offered and at the time it was financially hard for my family so i chose to go back home and find another way. I had goals and the army wasn't it, but it was a stepping stone. 7.       On a day to day basis what is your schedule from Monday- Friday? Monday - Friday I wake up at 7:45 pump because I'm seven months in breastfeeding ( which I'm extremely proud and excited about ) I get ready for the day, then get the baby ready. We are out the house by 9 and I'm in class from 10-1pm i pick her up around 3 get home relax a little , do homework, cook dinner, and prepare for the next day. 8.       How do you balancing your career/school plus motherhood? The balance is not hard because her father is very active with her so while I'm doing homework or something he is making sure she is ok. Also I am able to go to school full time and not work which is a blessing. He is very supportive when it comes to me going to school so it all works out for us.

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