Motherhood Is Action

Dear Daughter, You are the joy of my world. You are a queen. Life has a way of beating you down and then kicking you...stand up and adjust your crown! You are royalty and should be treated as such...once you know your worth, you will never settle for anything less. The world is a dreamer, but most importantly be a DOer! Pray! There is no greater love and no better relationship than the one that you have with God! No matter what you are going through Teena or TuPac will have the answer! God, Goals, Growing, Glowing!

1. What’s your definition of Motherhood? Motherhood is an action. It's the ability to do a thankless job over and over with LOVE. Motherhood is strength and courage, it's being able to be sunshine in your darkest moments. It's learning to balance. It's an unexplained joy. Most importantly, it's not losing yourself! If you don't take care of you then you will have nothing to give them!

2. What was your reaction when you found out you were expecting? I found out that I was pregnant a week before my wedding! I was completely overwhelmed... I had so many emotions. I went from excited, to nervous, to terrified, and then anxious!! 3. How did you tell your parents? On Mother's Day I took her out to dinner and I gave her a Mother's Day card about grandmas... Inside there was a sonogram picture. 4. How’d you deal with your morning sickness? I was extremely nauseated but I never actually had to vomit so that was a blessing. 5. What are the pro and cons of motherhood? The pro is the amount of unconditional non judgmental love that you will receive no matter what! The con for me has been so consumed with being a mother and wife that I lose a sense of self. Outside of being those things I don't exist...I'm working on it! 6. Do you miss your belly? I absolutely miss my belly, it was one of the most beautiful things that I had ever experienced. 7. Was your pregnancy planned? It was planned, but I didn't plan on finding out until after my 8. What were your cravings during your pregnancy? Cheese!!! Quesadillas, grilled cheese, crackers . Lots of Ice Cream. 9. How was the name picking process? That was the easy part! 10. Did you turn into a Momzilla planning for the baby shower? How was the babyshower? What was your theme? No Momzilla... I'm very low key! The baby shower was special for me...I had a Christmas themed baby shower since it was so close to the Holiday! 11. Describe your pregnancy with a song or movie title? Lauryn Hill "Zion" Somebody will always have something to have to live for you!! 12. How do you balancing your career/school plus motherhood?

Action. After a while it just becomes 2nd nature. One day at a time... You have to understand that while all of those things are important, your children will only be little for a short period of time..cherish that! When it's homework time, we all do it together! I don't bring work home...sometimes you have to stop everything and play a board game, watch a cartoon, or have a dance competition...the laundry and the dishes will be there when all is said in done! Prayer, sweat, tears, and more PRAYER! 13. With so much police brutality going on how does it make you feel as a mother? As a mother, it is your job to protect your child...this is a matter in which I feel helpless! I'm terrified. It seems like No matter how many talks you have or how much you prepare them it doesn't matter. I don't want my kids living in fear..I don't want them to be afraid of who they are! 14. What was it like hearing your child’s heartbeat for the very first time? Real!! It really put things into perspective and made me realize how much of a miracle that a baby truly is! 15. How was the day you gave birth? Did you go natural, C section or get an epidural? I had an emergency C section. Everything happened so fast that I had no time to react. I ended up with a healthy beautiful baby girl. 16. What has motherhood taught you? A love like I have never experienced...Patience, Strength, and Courage! It's taught me how to pray purposefully. It's taught me that anything is possible. To infinity and beyond... 17. Do you wish you would’ve waited? No. I think that God's timing is most perfect. In reality, there is never truly going to be a "right"'ll always be waiting for something. 18. What are the ugly truths about pregnancy, labor and motherhood that no one told you? That your body will experience changes that you never knew existed... That a stranger would be cleaning up your bloody vagina... Motherhood takes sacrifice and lots of patience...I wish someone would've told me that I would never be able to use the restroom alone again. Motherhood takes a village... But there is no handbook or cookie cutter method.. You have to figure out what works for your family.

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