I Found Out I Was Pregnant My Senior Year In College

1. What’s your definition of Motherhood? Motherhood is a 24/7 job non stop, always worried, always loving, and my terrible two stage is CHALLENGING. I would say my definition would be growth because I had a lot of growing up to do when I became a Mom. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

2. What was your reaction when you found out you were expecting? Shocked, upset and definitely afraid! It was my Senior year at Bennett College and I was terrified of what my parents were going to say. I didn't tell anyone but my Mom and roommates at the time. My best friend made me take a test in front of her, and my older cousin said she already knew by looking at me.

3. How did you tell your parents? I actually called my Mom over the phone. She thought I was playing! The first thing she said was what clinic are we going to? It's your senior year in college there is no way you can do this to yourself. I never told my Dad I just showed up at home with a belly. He knew I was afraid to tell him.

4. How’d you deal with your morning sickness? Morning sickness the first 3 months was HORRIBLE! I literally could only keep pizza down. So, for almost 6 months I survived off of frozen pizzas and cheese.

5. What are the pro and cons of motherhood? Not only did I become a Mom at 22, I also got married the same year. I feel like I rushed into adulthood. The pros are seeing her grow into a beautiful girl and seeing my personality inside of her. Some Cons are now that I'm married and a mother there are a lot of things I will not do. (Out of respect) I can't get up and go as I please like I did in college. I'm “adulting” for real like I have to keep a job, a house, lights, food etc. it's not an option.

6. Do you miss your belly? Sometimes I miss her being in my womb. The connection we had over the 40 weeks was amazing but hurtful at the same time.

7. Was your pregnancy planned? Most people thought so, because I married the same guy I have been dating since I was 15, But not at all. I was one semester away from my degree. After my pregnancy I graduated 1 year later.

8. What were your cravings during your pregnancy? PIZZZZAAAA! I would cry for ice cream sometimes! Thank God for a supportive husband/fiancé at the time.

9. How was the name picking process? My Mom (Rest in Peace) was sitting at the table with her best friend in a deep conversation and out of no where she yelled "Makenlee" that's it. I always wanted her middle name to be Grace even before I knew she she was a girl.

10. Did you turn into a Momzilla planning for the baby shower? How was the babyshower? What was your theme? I had a surprise baby shower! All the women in family attended Bennett so the theme was Pampers & Pearls. All Pink of course. It was amazing I was truly surprised and happy!

11. Describe your pregnancy with a song or movie title? Explain. Emotions by HTown - Old R&B because I cried every single day even if something made me happy I cried. I was just aggravated and hot! I went through all seasons!

12. How do you balancing your career/school, the married life plus motherhood? When someone figures that out please tell me! I'm a full time High school Teacher, a Mother and a Wife. I work from 6am-5pm and literally only see my child between the hours of 5pm and 10pm until she is asleep. Between going back to school, cooking dinner, fixing boo boo’s and teaching her things while keeping an intimate marriage…. I haven't mastered it YET! But, I'm doing my best.

13. With so much police brutality going on how does it make you feel as a mother? My Husband wants a son, I'm not down for it. I'm afraid to bring a black man into this world. I'm afraid for my own Husband and Brother. We are in the South. I wouldn't mind if things would change but, I don't see that happening.

14. What was it like hearing your child’s heartbeat for the very first time? Denial still, I had feeling that I can't explain. Hearing, and knowing a baby is inside of you will make you want to change instantly.

15. How was the day you gave birth? Did you go natural, C section or get an epidural? My water broke while laying on the bed. I yelled for my Mom, and fiancé at the same time! The ride to the hospital was THE WORST my husband hit every pot hole on the road. He was nervous and was not thinking. Lol! My parents were laughing at him so hard. After realizing I was in labor I was given the epidural and I would not wish that on my worst enemy. My Mom who recently passed held one leg and my husband held the other one. Her Father was the first to hold her and my Mom was next.

16. What has motherhood taught you? Since losing my Mom at 23. I guess it has shown me that I need to teach my child to survive in this world and keep God ahead of her life at all times. Making memories are important!!!! Pictures, drawings, cards etc. I make sure all my free time is spent with her. You just never know when you can leave this earth.

17. Do you wish you would’ve waited? Sometimes, I always wanted a family but, I don't know if I pictured myself doing in it in my early 20’s. Whenever I speak with my single friends they sometimes desire a family and I sometimes desire their Freedom. Either way, I'm blessed by God. I just believe he wanted my Mother to see all of these beautiful things happen in my life before she passed away.

18. What are some of the lesson you've learned while being a wife? Compromising, as a Leo woman… Lord knows, I'm in the right profession (Teacher) I'm very bossy. I have learned to slow and allow my husband to love me and show me his way of living. I was blessed enough to have a husband who was raised by a single Mom, and in the church. So, he treats his daughter and I like Queens.

19.When he popped the big question, we're you expecting it? Where was it held? Were all of your family and friends there? It was Christmas 2013, my friends from College came home with me to Charlotte, NC for Christmas Break that particular year. My then “boyfriend” of 4 years “off and on” asked was I coming to Henderson, NC were he was currently living anytime during my break and I said No. He sent me a picture of a ring, and I got on the road with my then two friends and he asked right in front of them.

20. When you both met did you know he was the one if so how did you know? I moved from Dothan, Alabama in 2008 to North Carolina transitioning from my parents divorce. I moved with my Father and his then Fiancé attended a church called I Believe God Outreach Church. So, that Sunday in June 2008 I walked in the church and now we are married, working on year 3 of marriage and year 9 of being together. Nothing is perfect EVER but he is my everything. He was right there with me when my Mom died, every other obstacle in my life.

21. How was the wedding? How we're you feeling? It was Him, and I of course. Our 1 month old daughter, My Mom and My Step Father. December 22, 2014 we woke up and said LETS DO IT. People kept telling us to get married before the baby got here based on our religion but, the sin was already done and we were still blessed. I wanted to be able to enjoy our wedding night at least since we decided to do it in the court system. I did feel different after the judge said you may kiss your bride, I felt like a WOMAN! Best thing about it my Moms signature is on my marriage license.

22. What advice can you give a lady who wants to be married and can't seem to find the one? Wait. WAIT. And keep WAITING! It's so much behind being married and loving someone. Especially if you don't love yourself first. Are you ready to give it all up? Are you ready to gain another half? Are you ready to pray for someone every night other than yourself? Are you ready to agree to disagree? Just wait it out. Have fun, and when he comes hold on tight.

23. Where were you when your water broke? Explain what happened next. We were living with my Mom who was had been diagnosed again with Breast Cancer. I was laying across my bed. I did everything to go into labor. Google things and you will see, I tried them all. She's a Scorpio she came when she was ready and even after my water broke she still didn't come until the next day. Makenlee Grace Bullock born on November 2, my due date was October 28th has been a handful since.

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