5 Things My Mama Told me

Growing up, my mom would say things to me that I didn't understand until now. Thanks Mom!

1. "Sometimes you have to rob Peter to pay Paul"

When it come to living paycheck to paycheck you must know how to move your money around wisely as possible. I just had to use my almost maxed out credit card to enroll in school. This was a self investment. There's nothing wrong with investing in yourself.

2. It's not about who you love, it who loves you.

I'm having a hard time understanding how love and relationships work, I think my mom's advice was really good. Sometimes the person we love just isn't the one.

3. Always cover your own ass.

Always look out for yourself, it's cruel world out there.

4. Learn how to take yourself out on a date

Don't get so catch up on giving other people the power to make you happy. If you want to go out and your boo doesn't, take your ass out!

5. Early birds always gets the worm.

Timing is everything!!!

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