Friendship Break Ups Hurt Just As Much As Relationship Break Ups






These were some of the daily emotions I quarreled with during most of my junior year of college.

My best friend broke up with me.

​She was grappling with her sexuality and I guess she thought I wouldn’t understand or would judge her so she began to distance herself from me and our mutual friends.

I silently watched her become a different person. Being in the same room with her and not speaking to one another was such a foreign concept to me and became increasingly uncomfortable. And then, she completely cut off all of her old friends.

She had been right by my side for years and it really hurt to not have the Pam to my Gina. I’d always heard people always say that you’ll outgrow friendships but I was so sure it wouldn’t ever be this particular friendship until it actually happened.

After two years or so apart we have gradually began to call one another more frequently. We can still laugh with one another but we also tend to tip-toe around certain secrets because the trust has been broken but we’re slowly rebuilding. The time apart was weird but I guess it was necessary for the both of us.

My advice to anyone who is facing this issue would be to never force anything, just let it flow. If your friend or significant other wants to walk away, let them. Choose the people who choose you.

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