Don't Be Afraid To Ask Bae Uncomfortable Questions

When it comes to dating, if I could go back in time here are the questions I would ask my exes before agreeing to be their "Girlfriend".

However, to the next guy who ask me to be his girlfriend, here's you application:

Are you the type to hide your locked phone?

Do you have any crazy exes?

Do you have anything hindering your freedom?

How's your relationship with your mom?

Where do you see yourself in the next 3 to 5 years?

What are your view on commitment ?

Are you a family man?

What type of guy were you in the past?

How did you react when you got you heartbroken?

Are you addicted to playing video games?

Where do you see us going?

Am I wasting my time here?

Are you good with handling money ?

Can I see your resume?

Can I post you on social media without being harassed by anyone?

How are your time management skills?

Can I depend on you to support me in every aspect such as emotional, spiritually and IF need be financially?

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