Books That Have Saved My Life

Thank you Auntie Maya Angelou for your words. I read this book in perfect timing. At the time, I was a recent college grad who moved back home with her parents and couldn't find a job. I was angry and felt betrayed by life. "Go to college, start your career and you'll get a house with a white picket fence" that's what I was told. However, that was far, far, away from my reality. I couldn't even afford a cup of Jamba Juice during that hot summer. Some how some way, I saved my coins and purchased Letter To My Daughter by Maya Angelou. This booked made me laugh, cry and realize how fortunate I am to be a woman and woman of African decent. This book taught me about Auntie Maya's struggles and successes. She's was more than just a poet. She is a survivor of Domestic Violence, Dancer, Mother, Traveler and so much more. She helped me to dream again.

The Color of Water was my summer read prior to me beginning my freshmen year of High School. I was so amazed by the strength of Mrs. McBride. She had about 11 kids, who she raised to honor the importance education. Her kids went from rag to riches. They didn't see any color, the believed in one race, the human race. Growing up during the the Civil Rights movement era or maybe a little before (Sorry I read this years ago), you were always reminded of the color of your skin. The majority of the time her kids didn't fit in because they were to black for the white kids and too white for the black kids. This book taught me how to overcome obstacles in spite of the situation at hand.

I read The Coldest Winter Ever at the early age of 13. I remember my mind being blown and how my imagination would flow. I still want to meet Midnight! From what I can remember I feel sorry for Winter, she became a victim of her environment. She lived a fast life and it caught up to her. This was one of those book you just can not put down. This book was the reason why I began reading books for pleasure. This book was so different from my everyday sheltered life. I would really like to see a movie version. I nominated Kofi to play midnight!

I love Kofi, I love Kofi, I loooove Kofi!

I'm laughing because after I read this book, I ended up doing the complete opposite of everything I learned in this book. Some of us are hard headed and like to learn lessons by ourselves. Well, was it worth it? Hell nah! This book had a interesting twist. I don't want to spoil it. Just go buy the book. In fact, I need to read it again. We can read it together.

I love Shonda's writing style. While reading, I felt like she was talking directly to Alexis P. Small, it was so personal. I felt so connected, we have so much in common. One of my favorite parts of the book was when she told the story of how as a child she would let her imagination take over and she would create characters in her head while playing in the kitchen as her mom cooked. I did similar things and look at us now. She's one of the best screenwriters we've seen and well... I'm still brewing but my greatness is on the horizon! This booked taught me "How to dance it out, stand in the sun and be my own person". This book made me say yes to things I shouldn't said yes to but I'm glad I said yes because of the learn experiences that came with it. It was a two for one deal. If that makes any sense...

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