Breaking Into Television Event Hosted by Coin Convos and College Daze

It was truly an honor to link up with Dom, the founder of Coin Convos to create a Young Black Professional space in Los Angeles. Dom and I are both alums of historically black colleges and are demanding the "HBCU feel" in LA. So on Oct. 19th we made it happen!

A few weeks prior, I attend one of Dom's events and loved the vibe and the space she created for black professionals. I was finally in a space with other ambitious millennials and it felt great. I went over and introduced myself to Dom, she was very down-to-earth. I asked for her business card her response was "take my cell phone number and call me".

We scheduled a conference call and the call was a success! I introduced her to College Daze. For those of you who are unfamiliar with College Daze, College Daze was founded on Bennett College Sept. 2011.

It started off as a web talk show. After I graduated, I kept the instagram going targeting collegiate millennials, today the instagram account delivers digital content daily to 20.2K followers and counting.

One of my goals is to expand the brand and host events, thanks to Dom I'm off to a great start.

Our "Breaking Into Televison" panel consist of:

FELICIA DAVIS - Director of Casting for NBC Universal's cable networks (E!, Bravo, SyFy, and more!)

KRISTEN V. CARTER - Has produced on hit shows like BET's "Black Girls Rock" & NBC's "The Voice"! She is also a writer and has worked with Hollywood's hottest talent!

DONOVAN CARTER - Turned a college football career into a leading, hit role on HBO's "BALLERS"

AMIE MAYS - Has a history in acquiring shows and overseeing programming at MTV & NICKELODEON. She offers the in & outs of selling scripts and ideas!

L to R Felica Davis, Amie Mays, Donvan Carter and Krsiten V. Carter

The panelist's success stories were both remarkable and inspiring! They were all very humble, took pictures with our guest and even gave out their contact information.

I love when successful people leaves the door open and the ladder down to help the ones behind them get to the next level and or collaborates.

I always make sure I can help/collaborate whenever I have the opportunity.

In fact, that same night I met the Shianne, the founder of The New Black Era a nonprofit organization that producing long-term effective strategies to improve black culture and promote civic engagement. For more information please visit

Shianne informed me that she has been a fan of College Daze for years! She absolutely loves the page. It's an awesome feeling when people compliment you on your work. Hopefully we can collaborate on a few projects in the near future.

The Next highlight of my night was linking up with the Carlton, CEO of Project Pit. Project Pit is a platform designed to bridge the gap between the entertainment industry, emerging talent, and the community while cultivating a lifestyle of culture which encourages individuals to recognize their limitless capacity and reach their highest potential.

Carlton and I attended King Drew High School together, interned at KJLH Radio station together and now we're making business moves together. It's been a pleasure watching him bloom into the business oriented young man he is today. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you Carlton!

Last but certainly not least!

As an alumna of Bennett College it is always a pleasure to meet other Bennett Belles who also studied Journalism and Media Studies. I met Christina and Renita, they moved to Los Angeles and just so happened to attend this event. It was a joy meeting more of my Bennett sisters.

On the other hand, I am so grateful for Clara, She's my official big sister from Bennett and is always rooting for me! Per usual, we had to take a Bennett picture.

"We ain't sadity, we know we're pretty

It take's a Belle, to do it well

I love it, I love it"

Here's Renita, Christina, Clara and I

To say the least, for those of you who came out, supported and filled the place with style and grace, thank you! I truly enjoyed myself. I networked, laughed and sincerely enjoyed the moment. I love when I create a goal and see it through. It's actually ironic, I read an old diary entry from 2012 the day before the event that said: "I want College Daze to host events". I'm still in awe. I am so grateful for God's grace!

Luke 1:45

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