Support the Next Best-Animated Series, Judge Khalil

"Stayed up, Dreaming! Soon I'll be winning"

Judge Khalil animated series is a story of a young boy who is determined to make a difference in his community. Powered with ambition and support from his neighborhood, the main character of the

series Khalil Reece aspires to be like his role model, Judge Thurgood Marshall – the first African American Supreme Court Justice in the United States. He has huge shoes to fill, but with help from his family, friends and middle school teacher he sees that he can make a difference for generations to come. The animated series tackles important issues in our communities, from civil rights and race relations

to friendship and classroom politics. By shining a spotlight on these issues, our communities are

better equipped to face them. The Judge Khalil series allows our creative team to present these

issues and give minority and disadvantaged youth a positive source of entertainment. We can create a world where people of color are active participants in the criminal justice system, not victims to it. Ultimately, we hope to inspire generations of lawyers, leaders, doctors, judges, scientists and thinkers who desire to see their communities change for the better through dedication and education. So as Khalil plans to change the world with his gavel in this animated series, we at Alexis Small

Productions have a very similar mission. We are dedicated to using the series as a medium to help

reconstruct the negative image of people of color in the media. You can help us on our mission by

supporting Judge Khalil. And with your help, you take a step with us towards improving and uplifting

our community. Donate $25 dollars today and see how you and Judge Khalil can make a difference.

Click here to donate.

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